Sunday, February 28, 2010

day 59

chocolate chip cookie meat section!

I made Momofuku Milk Bar's recipe for their compost cookies, found on Amateur Gourmet, on Friday. My reaction is definitely "meh"* but other friends liked them. I included potato chips, chocolate chips, and pretzels, which should have been awesome. Instead, the potato chips became unpleasingly chewy to me. Maybe I'll try again with other chips....

* This reaction, unfortunately, has not stopped me from eating them.


  1. Yeah, I heard that these cookies get mixed reactions, but I'm still curious enough to try them myself. Other chips? I bet chocolate covered potato chips would survive and be DELICIOUS. Also, LOL at your *note. Haha!

  2. Hey Ben! Yeah. I ate them all. I'm not proud of myself. But if you make them, you should store them in the fridge. They are one of the few cookies that are WAY improved by being chilled, and not gooey warm straight out of the oven. And add sea salt to the top before baking. much better salty to sweet ratio IMO. And good god yes, chocolate covered potato chips would be AMAZING.

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