Friday, April 30, 2010

day 120

gouache on toy pig, appx. 4 inches long.

Meat Sections, now in 3D!

I picked up the plain farm toy at Cliff's Variety in the castro. Painted it a little pinker and added the butchery diagram. I kind of love it.

I'll be selling some MEAT SECTIONS (and other) wares at Indie Mart in SF on June 6th. There will definitely be a very nice selection of 3D pig butchery models there for you to take home and love.

day 119


origami paper, with pen.

meat section of an origami eggplant!

day 118


watermelon slice sticker butchery.

day 117


mushroom sticker butchery.

I know, super complicated, right?

day 116


just a little carrot sticker butchery.

this is one of my favorites for some reason....

day 115

apple (sticker) butchery diagram

you haven't lived until you've tasted apple butt.

day 114


cherry diagram.

So I bought some origami kits in Japantown recently. These little stickers came with the fruit and veggie kit. I felt they were crying out for some butchery.

day 113


a little easter themed treat.

my mom sent me this card. i obviously had to meat section it.

day 112


meat section of glass of beer.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

day 111

original watercolor and ink illustration of lamb butchery
5x5 print available HERE

fat lamb.

oh, and "not ribs" is really the shoulder. i mention this in case of the off chance that you are using this chart to butcher a lamb, and you get to that part and you're like , "Hey! Where are the ribs? I was promised ribs! This is just tender delicious meat! What's that meat sections gal trying to pull?"

Consider yourself informed.

day 110

original watercolor illustration

fat cow. yup.

day 109

original watercolor and ink illustration
5x5 print available HERE

oh yes. pig time. he is fat.

day 108

original watercolor and ink illustration

yep. another pig. kind abstracty. (totally a word, btw)

day 107

original graphite illustration 5 x5

Pig-casso no. 7

Final abstraction in the pig-casso series!

day 106

original graphite illustration 5 x5

Pig-casso no. 6

day 105

original graphite illustration 5 x5

Pig-casso no. 5

day 104


original graphite illustration 5 x5

Pig-casso no. 4

day 103

original graphite illustration 5 x5

Pig-casso no. 3

day 102

original graphite illustration 5 x5

Pig-casso no. 2

day 101


original illustration 5 x5 graphite on watercolor paper

Pig-casso no. 1

So on my trip to NYC I visited MOMA, where there was a Picasso exhibit featuring his printing, rather than paintings. I'd seen his famed series of bull abstractions before in print, but it was inspiring to see them in person.

And that folks, is the inspiration for this next series of meat sections.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

day 100 (!!!!!!)


Original watercolor and ink illustration

Domokun's friend Hungry Bear apparently can be ferocious. But is often too hungry to attack.

Day 100 of MEAT SECTIONS!!!!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Day 99


Mario is May's batty son. He thinks he is Domokun's brother. But, he is not.

Day 98


Maya is the mama bat who lives in Mr. Usajii's cave. Apparently she did something embarrassing while young and drunk. So she now hates alcohol.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Day 97


Next in Domokun's circle of pals is Mr. Usajii, Domo's older gentleman rabbit friend. Domo lives in Mr. Usajii's cave. Loves green tea. Kind of a luddite.

Day 96


Back with a vengeance.

Welcome to Tashanna, Domokun's weasel gal companion. Apparently hates sea urchin and can't win an auction. Her weasel-y accent means she ends all sentences with "-y"

Saturday, April 24, 2010

more meat than you can handle

MEAT SECTIONS is still very alive and well. Further sectioning research was required and we'll be back to meaty goodness starting on Monday. And there will be backsies. Oh yes, there will be backsies.*

*As in, I'll be making up for the lost days with double and triple posts! oh my.

Friday, April 9, 2010

Day 95

Original watercolor illustration

Yes, a domokun butchery chart.

I can't really think of a reason why someone would ever eat Domokun. But if you needed to, this is what you might find inside. The domo-belly is particularly delicious.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Day 90


Whoa. This pig has stripes behind it. Watch out.

Day 89

original illustration, gouache on fiberboard

This pig sure is a winner.

Day 88

gouache on fiberboard

Rainbow pig!

Day 87


No meat here, in the final day of MEAT[ball] SECTIONS week.


Pretty much the best vegetarian food, in my opinion. My favorites include fava beans in the mix. I really fell hard for these babies when my parents were living in the Netherlands. There all the falafel shops offered tons of salads and sauces to top off your falafel.