Sunday, May 2, 2010

day 123


Oh, to be a super villain.....

day 122

original ink illustration, 3 inches.

a little piggie meat section.
still no clue why pork butt is called butt.

I did this on the BART, so excuse the weird nose and shaky line work.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

day 121

plastic toy pig with ink, 3/4 inch

An even smaller 3d pig butchery guide.

He came in a dime bag in the gone-but-not-forgotton bacon cracker jack from The Alembic bar in SF. He reminds me of this game I used to play when I was younger that had two toy pigs that you shook in a can and then "rolled" on to a table. You got points depending on what position they landed in. My favorite position was "makin' bacon." ahem.

He and his larger friend from yesterday seem to get along:

big and little 3d pigs meet

But Blocky's not so sure about him....

blocky and the little pig