Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 190

Meat Section of The Bruery's delicious summer beer - Trade Winds!

Today's meat section wins the "biggest feather in my cap" award, as it is currently the home page for The Bruery. (click it! See?!)

Never thought an illustration of mine would be used as someone's website. They contacted me way back in February, when they saw the dissection of Melange No. 6, and asked me to do a few more beer meat sections for them. A big thanks to The Bruery, both for their fabulous beer (Trade Winds goes great with grilled meat) but also for giving me that opportunity. If you're in southern California, you should definitely pay them a visit. Anywhere else? Go get a bottle of their beligian-y brews.

Oh, and in case there is anyone out there wondering, "Why haven't I received a new daily dose of meat illustrations in a while?" it's because my dear old compy got a terminal virus. Made the switch to Mac, and my new shiny compy should return today, with posting to resume tomorrow.