Monday, October 11, 2010

Day 284


Mmmmm... Berliner Weisse beer with Woodruff Syrup.

This style of German beer is low alcohol, slightly sour, and delicious. I first became aware of it when my mom, who was visiting Germany, called me to tell me she finally liked beer. This from a woman who rarely drinks and when she does, drinks sweet Riesling. The secret behind her new-found taste for beer was the bright green sweet woodruff syrup, which Germans add to the Berliner Weisse to cut the acidity. It turns the beer a pleasant green shade (I mean, if you don't overdo it) and sweetens it with a kind of herby marshmallow flavor. It's freaking delicious.

For an Oktoberfest dinner this past weekend, a friend managed to track down Woodruff syrup at Plump Jack. It can also be found pumped into Dogfish Head Festina Peche at Toronado bar, or into Berliner Weiss at Suppenkuche (though my mom complained they didn't add enough there...

Completely refreshing and ideal for this amazing Indian summer we're getting in SF!

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