Sunday, November 7, 2010

Day 311*

Seattle Eats Local
Seattle Eats Local Poster, available in the shop

The much-anticipated follow-up (at least in my mind) to San Francisco is for Carnivores, I'm super psyched to announce the "Seattle Eats Local" poster!!

It is a hand-drawn map of Seattle neighborhoods in the form of Seattle's most local of foods, the chinook salmon. In addition to the neighborhoods, there are some salmon parts diagrammed, like dorsal fin, head, belly, jowl (ahem...) etc.

yes, freaking awesome.

I've spent a little bit of time in Seattle, traveling for work in my old government job, and was always impressed with how authentic and delicious the food there was. Most of the restaurants really took pride in showcasing foods local to the Seattle area, Washington, and the Pacific Northwest in general. Hence, the title of this poster.

Hope the Seattle-ites love it.

*(really days 287 through 311. There's a ton of freaking neighborhoods in Seattle, people!)