Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 341

Brooklyn Knows the Tastiest Parts - meat map poster

Time to go east folks. Rounding out the trio of "Meat My City" posters, is Brooklyn.

What? You don't know how tasty pig ears are? The trotters? Kosher bacon? What, are you vegan or something? Oh, you must not live in Brooklyn. Land of old and new-school butchers, whole hog butchery classes, and sustainable local meat.


This is a 13x19 poster of a hand-drawn map of Brooklyn neighborhoods, in the form of a pig butchery diagram. In addition to the neighborhoods, there are some pig parts diagrammed, like fatback, ham, jowl, kosher bacon (super secret Brooklyn part) etc.

close up of Brooklyn poster by drywell

Also includes the historic Pigtown neighborhood, because, you know, it's pretty amazing, right? I just about died when I found Pigtown while researching Brooklyn neighborhoods. Apparently, the borders of Brooklyn used to be smaller, and Pigtown was located right outside the borough limits, since that's where all the butchery went down. I had to dig a bit to find out exactly where Pigtown was, but think I nailed it.

It's available in my shop, right here.