Thursday, December 16, 2010

Day 350

yeah. It's a meat tree.

There was a burst of Christmas spirit let loose at Meat Sections headquarters (aka Drywell headquarters) (aka my very over-run apartment).

close up of meat tree.

another close up of the meat tree

In my meat addled brain, it seemed like a completely reasonable idea to sit down and make 20 or so hand-painted* meat ornaments for a mini Xmas tree. I rationalized that I'll display this beauty at my booth at Renegade Craft this weekend** thus it was actually productive. I'm still going with that rationalization, because damn mini meat is cute.

rib ornament close up

*this is such a weird term. I'm not paralyzed or an elephant. How else would I paint?

** Saturday and Sunday, 11 to 7, Concourse East Hall, 7th and Brannan. Booth 18 or 19 or something.


  1. It's not listed on your site, is it? I know a few people (myself included) who want one.

  2. Thanks guys! You know, I got a ton of requests this past weekend at Renegade for little meat ornaments. This was really just a quick project for myself, so none for sale now, but making some for sale is definitely on my list for next year.

    happy holidays!

  3. Alyson, drat! I think you have a winner on your hands (actually, I love your work in general, so glad I stumbled upon you).

  4. The mini meat tree is fabulous, but I have to thank you for prompting a snort-laugh over the "hand-painted" footnote. Hilarious.