Thursday, January 13, 2011

Bizarre Foods #1 - Porcupine Stuffed with Potatoes & Bacon

Porcupine stuffed with Potatoes and Bacon
original watercolor and ink illustration

Part one in an ode to the fabulously adventurous and frequently gross food travel show, Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern. He tackled this stuffed spiky rodent on the 2008 holiday special. I believe it is a native american dish of some sort, but I could be wrong....

Way back in 2010, I received an email informing me that Andrew Zimmern, yes THE Andrew Zimmern was following me on Twitter. Immediately, an idea was born to do a "Bizarre Foods" week here on Meat Sections. The whole pesky "success" thing got in the way as throngs of fans clamored for more Meat Sections art* and the idea got put on the backburner. But 2011 is still fresh and shiny, so here is installment No. 1 of "Bizarre Foods", Meat Sections style.

*Ok, that may have been an exaggeration. But yeah, shows and the ole Etsy shop did prevent me from keeping up with the meaty art production.