Friday, March 4, 2011


STEAK window display @ Williams Sonoma, featuring "The Cook and The Butcher"

At the close of last year, I alluded to a major collaboration with a big time company in my newsletter. I had to keep quiet for the time being, but now I can finally announce that I illustrated a cookbook.....
.......for Williams-freaking-Sonoma!!

The Cook and the Butcher

The Cook and The Butcher is a meat cookbook (obviously) written by Brigit Brinns with FAQs answered by Tom Moylan, of the Meat Hook in Brooklyn. It is helpfully broken into chapters by animal - cow, pig, veal, and lamb - and then further into recipes for each primal cut for each animal. At the beginning of each chapter, you'll see a badass charcoal butchery diagram illustration by me.

cow butchery diagram in The Cook and The Butcher

The publisher, Weldon Owen, contacted me back in September last year after stumbling across my work on Etsy. I was floored, to say the least. I love Williams Sonoma and it was quite an honor to have my art in one of their cookbooks.

pig butchery diagram in The Cook and The Butcher

Weldon Owen commissioned new charcoal drawings from me, based on the popular charcoal diagrams available in my shop. I think the printing came out so saturated and crisp, and the folks at Weldon Owen were awesome to work with (and even purchased the original commissioned artworks to decorate their office!)

veal butchery diagram in The Cook and The Butcher

sheep butchery diagram in The Cook and The Butcher

The Cook and The Butcher is only available at Williams Sonoma for the time being, but if you want my name in the book, you'll have to wait for the wider release in September (preorder on Amazon).*

Hooray for being able to add "cookbook illustrator" to my burgeoning art resume!!

* There was a snafu in the initial printing, where my credit line was accidentally omitted. It will most definitely be in the larger wider release of the book, however!!!


  1. Wow, that's awesome! Congratulations Alyson!