Friday, March 25, 2011

tablecloth meat sections

original crayon on paper tablecloth

So there's this pizza place in SF that I love - Pauline's Pizza. They have been in the city forever, and most of their produce comes from their own farm, and they even produce their own "pizza wine" on their family vineyards. It's a fun, low-key place with really creative pizza toppings (padron pepper puree, anyone?).

Anywho, they have white paper tablecloths, and a jar of crayons on every table, presumably to keep children occupied, but hey, it works for me too. I went there a couple weeks ago with a few friends and drew the little piggie during a lengthy wait for our special order pizza.*

No biggie, right? Except when I went to the bathroom, I noticed this:

pauline's pizza cow
original crayon on paper tablecloth

The tablecloth from my LAST visit a few weeks prior! Totally crazy, right? There are no other doodles up on the wall, so I of course took this as a compliment. I told our waiter that I drew that and he said that the whole staff loved it and pointed out where the crew had included the Spanish words for the beef cuts. They are super stars, those folks at Pauline's pizza.

*They actually made it incorrectly twice, but were super nice about it, giving us half of a correctly made pizza and then an EXTRA LARGE pie, all comped. Love them.