Saturday, April 9, 2011

corn dog

corn dog
Original watercolor and ink illustration

I hate corn dogs. HATE them. LOVE sausages (hot dogs are just so/so for me). LOVE cornbread. The nauseating combo on a stick? No thanks.

I'll attribute that to an episode in a Bennigan's following a trip to Six Flags Over Texas, where I ate a corn dog and rode on Flashback roller coaster. As soon as we walked in to the restaurant, I promptly vomited my corn dog in the waiting area. never again.

But I illustrated one anyway, in honor of my good friend Kai, proprietor of Nosh This and unrelenting pusher of "Bacon Crack"*. He's in Chicago RIGHT NOW selling his bacon studded goodies at Bacon Fest Chicago, wearing some t-shirts I designed.

Anywho, Kai loves corn dogs and requested a meat section of them a while back. National Corn Dog Day, to be exact. I demurred, ever so politely, but thought I'd give in now. Though if I REALLY wanted to have an accurate diagram, the corn dog diagram would look more like this:

how i really feel about corn dogs


*that's bacon almond toffee covered in chocolate. yeah. it's good.