Monday, May 2, 2011

Let's T-bone

Let's T-bone

Original watercolor and ink illustration, 5x5
original SOLD

**7/26/11 UPDATE** The 8.5x11 "Let's T-bone" print is now available in the shop for $18.

So the MEAT MARKET art show is shaping up quite nicely. I'm so excited that we have some awesome food vendors coming now: Nosh This, purveyor of Bacon Crack and other sweet and savory meaty treats, and new asian food truck, TomKat, which happens to be co-run with my favorite bar tender at my favorite bar, The Alembic. Oh yeah, and I got the hook-up with the generous pork lovers at 4505 Meat, so yes, there will be chicharrones. How could there not be?

The above painting is a little taste of some of the new art I've been working on. they are.... a little cheeky to say the least. (Sorry mom and dad!)

Ok. Back to painting my NY Striptease Steak.