Sunday, May 29, 2011

Paper cut chicken

Papercut Chicken print
papercut chicken. 8.5 x11 print. Available here.

By special request of the enthusiastic team at Ragazza restaurant in San Francisco, I present the fourth in my papercut print series, the humble chicken. Nothing flashy, but the chicken knows you want it. Oh, it knows.

the original papercut chicken

Print of the papercut is available in my shop. But I really do cut out the original papercut by hand from a single sheet of paper. I haven't quite been able to perfect the mounting of the original papercuts, which is why I haven't added original papercuts to my shop yet. But I'm working on it.


  1. Might I suggest shopping the scrapbooking tapes and adhesives? I use some tiny (like 1/4" square) double-stick foam pieces that give a little bit of dimensionality to my work, so you get that shadowed look, but they're not so big you couldn't easily frame a piece that had them. And I LOVE your latest meat paintings. Nice Rack for sure. = )

  2. oooh! Good idea. I might try that. I've been trying with dry adhesive sheets ... you know the nes with tons of little adhesive dots that you rub your original onto, and then peel off? It works great except that some of the dots go rogue and attach themselves to the visible surface of the papercut. When I try to remove them, little scuff marks are left on the nice black surface. :(

  3. Oh I hate rogue adhesive dots! I use some (scapbooking ones, haven't tried dry adhesive sheets) little 1/4 inch super-sticky ones that cause me to curse aloud frequently at times. When they go rogue they don't come off paper and I can barely get them off my fingers! = )