Tuesday, May 31, 2011

stop staring at my rump

stop staring at my rump.
original watercolor and ink painting, 5 x5 inches, ORIGINAL SOLD

** UPDATE ** Prints now available online.

I loved researching this one. I don't discuss it often, but a ton of research goes into most of my paintings, especially for this more recent series of cuts of meat. Accuracy is as important to me as humor, mostly because I love researching, but also because I want respect of any chefs who might like my work.

For this series, I was basically looking for the quintessential or archetypal version of that particular cut of meat. For the beef rump, it was clear that a tied up roast was *the* image of rump that I needed to use.


  1. I so love this one and am glad I scored a print of it for my kitchen,

  2. Yea! So nice to chat with you at Renegade. :)

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