Saturday, July 23, 2011

Drywell at Indie Mart - TOMORROW!!


If you didn't get a chance to say hi or snag some meat art of your own at Renegade SF a couple weeks ago, tomorrow is your chance. I'll be selling my artwork, as featured on The Atlantic (I tried to mention that super casually. Did it work?) and hanging out with my partner in crime, Steve. Much of my new work is not available online yet, but it will be available tomorrow at Indie Mart.  Come on by and say hello. I'm friendly.

Sunday July 24, 12pm to 6pm
Thee Parkside (16th and Wisconsin)
There will be food and drinks and music and blood. 
Wait, there might not be blood. But you can make your own succulent pot.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Los Angeles is for Meat Eaters

LA is for Meat Eaters

***UPDATE: Poster now available here!***

I'm crazy excited to announce the newest city in the "Meat My City" poster series: Los Angeles!

The boobs there may be fake, but the meat, it's all natural, baby.  Whether at a Hollywood steakhouse where the elite meat, at a sustainable butcher shop where your pork was the one on an organic diet, or inside your taco, Los Angeles is for meat eaters.

This 13x19 poster is of a hand-drawn map of the MANY neighborhoods of Los Angeles, in the form of a pig butchery diagram. In addition to the neighborhoods, there are some pig parts diagrammed, like hocks, ham, ear, etc. Oh, and cities within LA county, yet not in LA proper get their own special meaty treatment. ("Cleaver City" anyone?)

This poster makes it grand debut at the Renegade Craft show in Los Angeles, this weekend, at the Los Angeles State Historic Park. Come see me in booth 29, right outside the large central tent.

As with all my "Meat My City" posters, I'll be donating 10% of the sales price of each poster sold to a local food bank. For Los Angeles, the money will go to the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, where each dollar donated allows them to distribute $5 worth of food. That means when you buy a LA poster for $25, the LA Regional Food Bank will be able to distribute $12.50 worth of food. Amazing, right?

I can't wait for the LA show, and I hope to see you there.